Friday, 14 December 2012

Santa was getting into his boat then a man drives the boat around and santa stops were all the kids a  so that he can play with them and give
them some present so that they can have a fun time at the beach while
there mum and dad can stay in the sand.

While the boat was still staying were the kids were a shark bite a hole on the bottom of the boat so the boat sank santa jumped out with his nice clothes he swims all the way to the sand for help.

He gets taken back to his house in are cool car to change and the boat driver was defined to.

Santa got saved everyone was blessed that santa got saved and he is ready to give some more christmas present.

Friday, 7 December 2012


On Sunday I watched the All Blacks vs England it was a hard game but the All Blacks did well but . All Blacks lost for the first time this and last year they were no defeat since 2007 to France.

I watched the  game with my family my dad said he liked how all blacks lost because my dad is a Aussie fan and an England fan I went for England because they had the strongest prop and he was a Tongan . Plus
there was a centre was Tuilagi he is Samoan he set up the most trys.

Julian savea got the trys for the all blacks and kieran read so thats how
all blacks got 21 points.

Next time I hope all blacks beat England and win the European tour
with sonny bill back.